Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hey y'all!
We had a great weekend at Barberville!
We had several families come out to join us for this fun event!
Many thanks to the Pioneer Settlement for hosting this weekend!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Sorry this is short and sweet, gotta get back to the day :)


Thursday, November 5, 2009

About: This Time Last Year...

Meet Donkey!
(Actually, I don't know what his name is, I'm just calling him that :)
He is a resident at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement. :)
Yeah... you know where I'm goin' with this post XD

I met this little(BIG) cutie last year at the Fall Jamboree.
Not that the donkey has anything to do with my excitement...
Just posting one picture from Barberville last year :)
Anyway, you get my point... pretty excited.
It's this weekend :)

I must away yet again, sorry for the lacking substance in this post...
I need to go work on school :)

See some of you there and others (not there)
Sad for those who can't come...
EXCITED for those who can :)

May our Lord bless you richly today! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

About: Fiestaaaaaa :)

Hey y'all!
The weekend before last, my family put on a fiesta party to celebrate my 19th birthday!
Many thanks to the Smith Family for these pictures! Without them, I'd have not pictures to share :)

Click HERE to see a sideshow of the pictures...
Sorry, I tried to post it here, but I'm having HTML problems :(

Thanks to everyone who came!
I'm so glad you could make it!
For more pictures you can see Jean's and Emily's posts.


About: We need your Help!

The Stone Family Band needs your help!
We're trying to come up with a new creative name.
Any ideas?

We're having a contest.
You suggest names... you can suggest multiple ones if you like.
We'll choose our favorite name.
Winner wins a free dinner with the Stone Family Band!

Let the naming begin! :)