Saturday, July 24, 2010

About: My Newest Love... ;)

Well... it's official... I think I'm falling in love!!!
It's the greatest feeling in the world... something new in life, fresh, lovely, dear!
I just sigh with contentedness when I think of this new and exciting adventure!

Alas, I talk not about a male, but a new hobby/pursuit I do believe that I've fallen for! ;)
I do believe that I'm really loving photography and am looking into buying a camera sometime in the near future! :D (sorry all Nikon users, I'm going with Canon. :)

I took some pictures of two precious little gals at the beach this past Sunday and I'd like to share them with you... (keep in mind that I don't have professional editing software yet, so this is a very basic edit job :)

(Also... i have NO idea how to comment on some of these pictures other than, "aaawww" , "I love this adorable little female" or "LOOKIT HOW CUTE!!" , so bear with the whole "no comments on the pictures" thing)





This one makes me laugh hysterically :)
I asked the Sparlings if it would be ok if I posted this picture...
Here's the response I got!
"S****** says it is okay so long as she remains anonymous. She says, "It's not me!!!!!!" She has talked to her lawyers and they will sue for defamation of character if you post her name with it."
Thus the reason why i struck her name out ;)

Tired little lady :)


I do believe that this one is my favorite!

Hope you enjoyed :)


Shelby said...

those are great.

Molly said...

All I can say is WELCOME TO THE INSANITY!!! :D And "Awwwww!" You have a fabulous little model there...most kids I try to take pictures of hide or run away. XD

(CANONS ROCK. Not to bash Nikon, but I LOVE my Canon...)

As I reach 25yrs young I: said...

your pictures are good cousin :) its a new love for me as well and so much fun! i love to tromp around looking for something to take a picture of lol it is fun thinking of a blog to type for myself about my photography experiances :) well i wish the best of luck to you! curious to know how do we go about signing our pictures? and what is the best software for our pictures...can you ask anna for me too xoxo love you

Shannon said...

Lovely pictures Emily, little miss Sparling is so cute! It was wonderful seeing you all at the beach, may you continue to grow in the Lord and advance in photography.....


Kaylee said...

Cannon's alllllll the way. :)

Laura {{* *}} said...

I cannot speak on the Canon vs Nikon debate, but
I love how these images
capture a bit
of every member of her family
all wrapped up in her
little face.

The preciousness of God's creation
is what I see here.

{{* *}}

Gabe the fiddler said...


carlotta said...

I personally use Nikon, but I'm not going to be upset if one uses Canon. To tell you the truth, the only reason I chose Nikon of Canon was the price ;)

Such precious photos!