Monday, November 2, 2009

About: We need your Help!

The Stone Family Band needs your help!
We're trying to come up with a new creative name.
Any ideas?

We're having a contest.
You suggest names... you can suggest multiple ones if you like.
We'll choose our favorite name.
Winner wins a free dinner with the Stone Family Band!

Let the naming begin! :)



Laura said...

I am here and willing to help
but, alas!
your postful cry for help seems
Do tell!
{{* *}}

Jean Marie said... favorite name that immediately springs to mind is: THE STONE FAMILY BAND!!!! Genius, right? I KNOW! ..... when do I get my free dinner? :D

~ Jean Marie

Jean Marie said...

Okay, so Sadie Beth and I had ourselves a talk, and after we decided what her international benefits for a win were, we came up with some spectacular names for you!

"Four Tall & One Short, but not on love"
"Even the Stones cry out"
"Stone Solid"

Sadie Beth:
"The Pebbles"
"The Musical Giant Slayers" (from David in the Bible)
"aSTONEding Harmony"
"Solid Rock" or "Solid Stone"

and we ALSO ... as a bonus, made you two slogans, Sadie's was: "Set in Stone: Family. Music. Memories", and mine was: "Good down to the very last Stone"!!

HAHAH HAHAaahhaha hahhaa! :D Hope you laughed as hard as we did!

With love from Sadie and Jean Marie!

Laura said...

"Mike & the Family Stone"

"Acoustic Petra"


These are just my warm-up ideas :)
~more to follow!

{{* *}}

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Kaylee said...

I vote for "even the stones cry out"! I love that one!!

Laura said...

Gathering Stones

Living Stones

...more to come

{{* *}}