Saturday, November 14, 2009

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Laura said...

You will be fine.
1. Take the drugs.
2. Don't look at the tray of instruments.
3. Take the drugs.
4. Give Anna your favorite soup recipes and ask her to make them for the coming days.
5. Take the drugs.
6. Give thanks to God that you can pay someone who knows how to do this procedure.
7. Follow aftercare instructions to the letter.
8. You will be fine.
9. We will pray.

{{* *}}

Jean Marie said...

Yeah, I agree, but Momma Lynn left one out - USE THE ICE PACK!!! :D

Jean Marie

Lane Burnsed said...

I agree with Mrs. Lynn.

I too will be praying for you.:)

Peter&Hannah said...

Oh very funny :-D The riddle threw me for a loop ;-) Love ya and I shalt be praying for thee!!!!