{About Emily Swanky}

Hey y'all! This is me! God's most beloved daughter, Christ's cherished sister, Lover of God's word! I'm ever so thankful for what Christ did for me over 2,000 years ago on Calvary! I am a wretch saved by Grace! I love my family! I've been blessed with 2 parents who love me very dearly, Michael and Julia (or as I like to call them "Dad and Mom" :). I also have 3 siblings who mean the world to me! Isaac, passed away on September 28th 2009, Anna, and Olivia, both still at home with me :) Friends come, friends go, but few have remained very close and faithful throughout the years! I love you all! I love music! I sing, play the piano, flute and acoustic guitar. Self taught almost completely on each. I'm working on writing several songs... don't know yet how they're going to turn out yet, but hey... at least I'm doing it! :D I :heart: skirts, white T-shirts, cowgirl boots and accessories! Art has also always been a big part of my life. I've always loved to paint, draw, any form I can ever get my hands on really! :) The purpose of this blog is to glorify God and bring enjoyment of Him to others! God is good! And that my sould knows right well!