Saturday, July 3, 2010

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July 4th... Our Nation's birthday. A time of remembrance and great rejoicing, a time of family and friends, barbecue and watermelon. Yup, Independence day is a great day every year.

Between you and me... the fourth of July got even more special fifteen years ago :D

You wanna know why, blog land?! Well... even if you don't, I'm gonna tell you anyway cause this is my blog ;)

Fifteen years ago, a special present was injected into the world! Fifteen years ago, un bébé peu (French ;) was born.
Fifteen years ago... *chest filling with pride* my little sister, Olivia Christine, was born! :D

What a splendiferous fifteen years it has been! I'm not gonna lie though and say that our sibling relationship has been perfect... cause it isn't. I'm not gonna grin and say that we never argue... cause we do.
Let's see... WHAT can I say about Olivia...? ;)
Well, first off... she's going to be fifteen (duh :P)... and since she's going to be fifteen, that means that I'm not fifteen anymore. In fact, I'm four and a half years older *Emily keels over* WHICH... dear blog readers, means that I... am getting olt! o.O eGAD! *ahem... moving on* ;)

♦Aside from the fact that she is officially making me feel old as dirt, ;) It has been a wonderful blessing to see her mature into such a loverly godly young lady! Her love for the Lord is evident in her life and it's amazing to see how He's working in her life!

♣She's extremely talented with sewing, jewelery making, crafting, and any other thing she puts her mind to learning! I think I have yet to meet another female so young with so much talent... just sayin ;) (yes, I might be a tad biased :D)

♠I love her and she loves me ;)

♥Her favorite colors are blue, green and yellow and she insists that I'll have to wear those colors in her wedding... to which I always answer, "psh! You'll change your mind before then!" ;)

♦She's working on an amazing quilt!

♣We just finished an amazing week at camp where we were on the Red Team together! *hehehe*

♠She loves animals.

♥Animals love her.

♦I am now going to post pictures of her ;)

hehehehehe... I giggle at her cute-crosseyed-ness! ;)

We three sisters were all on a swim team... this was O's first year, I do believe! XD
hehehehe... I giggle at her cuteness here too ;)

Olivia and I at camp... being silly, of course ;) What we Stones are known for, apparently... It runs in the family ;)

My dear sister, Olivia!
I love you so much and pray that our LORD blesses you as you begin the fifteenth year of your life! You have been a major joy in my life and thank Him daily for you! I'm so happy that we are growing closer and closer and I pray that it will continue on and on forever... and ever! :)
As I finish this post (1:10 a.m. July 4th, 2010), I finish it with:
Let's glorify the LORD together in our relationship and let's have fun today, your birthday!

Blessings and mucho love and el hugos~
Emmy ♥

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word! Emily, I just love the pictures you used of O as a baby and a little swimmer! Do you remember how she made her swim across the pool during her first competition when she was five? She was vertical in the water with her head sticking up - Olivia, you kind of looked like a turtle - and you were still in the middle of the pool when everyone else was at the finish line...all the spectators and parents and coaches started cheering for you and encouraging you to keep swimming. You were persistent and didn't miss a stroke...and when you reached the wall, the whole place broke out in wild cheering for you! It was awesome, girl!

And you still have that same stick to it spirit and initiative that you had from the very is a God-given characteristic which He will use greatly as you submit your will to His!

Really, I am having difficulty believing my eyes when I look at the way you have become a woman right before me...I mean...where has the time gone? I love you so incredibly much and thank God every day for the gift of your life in our family!

Emily, you have done a great job in this blogpost....thank you for honoring Olivia with this gift!

Shannon said...

Oh, sweet Olivia! Happy Birthday dear sister in Christ. I have known you less than a year, but I am so..... grateful for your friendship. May the Lord bless this day, and you!

Emily, you are a dear sister to her and your kind post reveals your love for her.

Blessings this special day,

Laura {{* *}} said...

Another year older
another year wiser
Lady on the rise!

I am always inspired to be
more creative
after time with Olivia~

I am always encouraged to be
more loving
after watching her with her family~

I am always seeing my own kids
blossoming in confidence
after they spend time with her~

I am always grateful when I
think about
knowing beautiful Olivia~

With my love
on your 15th birthday ♥

{{* *}}

Isaac said...

Thank you for the post to remember Olivia's birthday! She is all those things for sure! Wish I could have been there. Glad I got to talk to her...sounds like it was! :D


Zach S. said...

Happy Belated Birthday Olivia!!! I hope your day was blessed. :D

In Christ,

~ Zach S.

Seasons of Life said...

And what an extra special gift to get "fireworks" to celebrate your birthday EVERY YEAR! Praying this year is filled with spectacular opportunities to worship and glorify the Lord as a young lady of 15!

Blessings ~