Monday, August 2, 2010

About: A Short and Sweet "What I've Been Up To" Kinda Post ;)

Well, fellow bloggers...
I've been at it again :)
I just redecorated my room [again] and I'm quite happy with the results!

Here is the pillow compared to the mural... the colors aren't exact, but they're close enough! :)

This is my bed... obviously :)

And now I'm done... Hey... I said it was gonna be short and sweet ;)
Hope you enjoyed!! [cause I sure did!!]


Seasons of Life said...

Love the creative flare and artistry that trasitioned from brush to wall! You did a fab-u-lous job! Just lovely and I am sure the fruits of your labor bring a smile to your face (and all who see it).

Blessings ~

Shannon said...

You di an amzing job painting, it looks wonderful! i am sure that you enjoy the changes in your room, as it is always refrshing to re-arrange things and create new views....


A.R.Williams said...

LOVE the mural! So artistic!

Laura {{* *}} said...

You know how I love color
when it jumps out of the rules
& onto a palette such as this!
(and you do it so well) ...

but it it the backdrop of
that makes it amazingly gorgeous.

I have an affinity for chenille.
...and you.

{{* *}}

Brittany said...

Wow you are very talented! I love it! ;-)

Zach S. said...

Hey Emily!

Just wanted to say, as other people have already said and beaten me are very artistic.

It's a good thing you didn't ask me to paint that flower. Mine would have looked like a stick with two stem leaves and six petals with a circle in the middle--yeah, it's pretty bad! :D

All this to say you did a superb job; your bedroom looks fantastic!

~Zach S.

carlotta said...

It looks great! I could have never free-handed that mural...

Anonymous said...

Hey Little Darlin'~~

Love the new look in there! As always, you've managed to take your talent and amaze me with your creativity! You were right about that pillow~~~and using it as your inspiration piece produced happy results~

You are working on our 'surprise' kitchen redo ~~ as I listen to hammering from the distant quiet of my bedroom~ Still diligently working at 12:19 a.m. ~~ I trust your 'style' to brighten up that room as well...I have to admit, though, that giving up my red checked gingham curtains is a really big step for me....

God bless your continued creative constructs~ <3 Mom

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