Wednesday, December 2, 2009

About: I'm DOOONE!

Hey y'all!
This morning is a very special day for me!
I finally finished my class!
Yes, I know it was just one, but I had fallen woefully behind.
But with hours of rigorous studying/writing,
I was able to finish up only a little less than a week after i was supposed to.

Thanks to everyone who kept me in your prayers during this time!
God was gracious in that the last paper was relatively easy :)

~Pray you're having a blessed December 3rd :)~

(ok, ok... I've been corrected that it's the 2nd today, NOT the 3rd...
Sorry, y'all!
I'm living a day ahead I guess :P)


Joel said...

That is awesome Emily so happy for you :-)

wishing you a happy December 3rd :-)

Joel :-P

Gabe the fiddler said...

cool!!! (I have yet to face those woeful classes) ...Its december 3?

Lauren Brittany said...

Congrats Emily!!

I thought today was the 2nd! haha ;)

Love ya,

Seasons of Life said...

I know the relief you must have...a great big whew! Zach is GREATLY looking forward to letting out the same exclamation in just a couple weeks. :-) Blessings for this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!


thoughts from a young man said...


I have until the 16th (ugh):-(

Congrats anyway.

~Zach S.

Lane Burnsed said...

Congrats Emily!!! Hope your other classes go well. :)