Thursday, January 7, 2010

About: Happy Birthday to a Dear Lady! :)

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Lynn (mmy2!)
You've been such an encouragement to me and "I thank my God upon every rememberance of you"! (Phil 1:3)
Thank you for your friendship you've given more than freely over this past year that we've known you... Hard to believe it's only been a year, eh? :)


We've done so many wonderful things together!
-Cooked together
-Sang together
-Had all nighters (several) together
-Gone a'thriftin' together
-Gone to church together
-Eaten together
-Talked together
-Been goofy together
-Danced together
-Prayed together
-Laughed together
-Traveled on wonderful day trips together
-Gone to Barberville together :)
-Worked on music together
-SPENT TIME together!

I want to wish you a very happy birthday today! I pray that the Lord will richly bless you today as you go about
celebrating, working, relaxing, or whatever it is you're going to be doing today!

i ♥ you!


Lauren Brittany Hope said...


Thank you for your sweet example of Godly womanhood!

Lauren :)

Laura said...

Sweet Emily

you are the
"supremo keeper of the lists"
and what a fine job you have done!

All of these things amount to what I have come to see as
a very bright light in my life.
What a snapshot of a year~
(see warm, contented smile)

Thank you for the gift of your sisterhood & friendship
& this shout to the blogging world
How great is our God!

How I love you~
{{* *}}

Miss Lauren ~ Such simple words you share...
my great aspiration. Thank you.
and I reply likewise about you :)
How can it be I am such company
with the world's loveliest young ladies?
I am so grateful.