Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey y'all!
Please pray for Olivia. She sliced an artery in her left hand between her thumb and index finger today while we were cutting apples. She had to the rushed to the ER and received 3 stitches. It hurts so bad to see my little sister in so much pain!



thoughts from a young man said...

My family and I will be praying for her and your family. Hope Olivia is feeling better soon and that God heals her quickly.

~Zach S.

Jean Marie said...

Poor Livie....please tell her I hope she feels better soon. I'm so sorry she sliced her hand.

Much love and prayers,
~ Jean Marie

Laura said...

Oh no!
Yet....there is the God of all comfort.

Domesticity is not without it's risks.

We are praying for total healing without infection.

Zander wants to know
what you were making with the apples. :)

Love to OCS~

{{* *}}

Gabe the fiddler said...

will pray!!!!

amyb. said...

Oh, poor Olivia! Hope she feels better soon!