Wednesday, January 13, 2010

About: Praying for Haiti

Lord God in Heaven!
Please help these people.
Help them live.
Help them work.
Help them
Help them understand.
Give them hope.
Give them peace.
Give them courage.
Give them grace.
Comfort them.
Shelter them.
Guide them.
Protect them.
Bring them to You! Show them
Your love and Your peace.

Heavenly Father, I weep for the family members they lost. The friends they can't find. The homes they've lost. The wounded they have do dig out. The dead they've had to bury.

God, I don't know what else can be said!
I have the urge to ask
To feel utter despair!
To feel hopeless!


..::This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promises give me life. (Ps. 119:50)::..

Lord, giver of comfort, if nothing else, if I make no other sense in this post...

I pray these things in Your precious Son Jesus' name!

Dear readers.
Please keep the people in Haiti in your prayers.
They suffered a horrible earthquake yesterday (1.12.10)
I believe it reached the scale of 7.0... the worst on record.

Forgive me, but my hyperlinking isn't working.
Go to~ to see pictures. Thanks to dear Jean Marie for sharing this site.
**I also caution, just as Jean did:
Viewer discretion advised by me, please, I'd say, if you are 16 and younger, please do not scroll through these without a parent either: viewing them first, or looking through them with you, as there is some disturbing content."

Let's brainstorm to see how we can be of service... Pray without ceasing... Do whatever we can to help!
This is a horrible thing that happened. And, though it may seem bleak, remember, dear ones... GOD IS SOVEREIGN AND RULES OVER ALL!

His faithful daughter and servant, I remain.


Obi said...

i agree totaly with you.. of all places Hati was the worst place for an earthquake... i really believe God can and will use this to bring hati to Him... that country is so bound by darkness... my prayer is that having the very foundations of their lives shaken, they turn to the real light, Jeus Christ!

Gabe the fiddler said...

Prayin! YES!!! amen! very appropriate prayer there. This Haiti thing is prdy enormous, but we'll do all we can! GOD IS BIG BIG BIG! bigger than anithing! he's the one who allowed this to happen. Nothing slips of His control! ;)