Tuesday, September 22, 2009

About: My Absence and More! :)

Hey there!
Sorry it's been quite a while since I've posted anything worth~while!
I've been busy this week and sick this past weekend... o.O
Not fun...
Better now though!
Thank you LORD!

Within the last few months, the LORD has really been impressing something upon my heart!
It's a desire to serve Him as much as possible!

One way I believe I can do this is through volunteering at Florida Baptist Childrens' Home.
I love children, working with children, playing with children, feeding children... (maybe not cleaning up after them as much, but it's something that needs to be done :) ... lol)

FBCH is an organization dedicated to helping abused and orphaned children statewide.
They also have overseas mission trips to orphanages, countries include Russia, Honduras, and Guatemala... I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones I could remember at the moment :)
I hope to be of service in anyway possible.

I've also been working on my schooling lately.
ACT studying going well.
I'm going to a class dedicated to ACT mastery sometime soon... I think (lol)
Christian Leaders class going well, it's one of the basic classes so it's pretty easy :)

We hope to paint our music room and kitchen sometime soon!
A beautiful blue/green/gray for the music room...
a beautiful wheat color for the kitchen!
Y'all know me!
ANY chance to decorate makes me SO excited!
Speaking of decorating...
Already in the planning stage of my annual room redecoration that doesn't occur for let's see...
9 months? :D
Can't keep my juices from flowing!

Let's see... what else have we been up to?
Lots of movies :)
We went to dinner at some dear friends' of ours last Friday, I think it was.
They sent home 15 movies with us!
All very good movies so far! :)
Some we've watched so far:
Love Comes Softly
Love's Enduring Promise
The Inheritance
The Ultimate Gift (GOOD movie!)
Radio (ANOTHER good movie! :)
The Christmas Card

There are others, but all the names escape me and I don't feel like going to look at them all :D

We went to the beach last week!
LOADS of fun!

That's pretty much all we've been up to.
And lots of yard work :)

Hope all y'all are doing well!
I hope to do another post on Monday.
You'll see why then.

May our LORD bless!


Peter&Hannah said...

Well busy life Emily dear! That is so neat that you are going to be working with those children!!! I am SOOOO excited for you and for the reward that awaits you for it! And I will certainly be speaking on your behalf when I am kneeling before the throne of God.
Sounds like you are going to be having loads of fun decorating ;-) Take pictures, pictures, pictures...:-D
Love you and SO glad that you are back!

Emily Rachael said...

I forgot to put this in my post, Hannah Dear!
I hope to go and work with the children! I've been looking into this for several months now and really hoping this will work!

Laura said...

The BEST dashboard pic so far!
(is that what you call it?)

I love yo' sweet mama.
and you.

{{* *}}

Emily Rachael said...

Somethin' like that :)
That pic was actually taken the day we went home from the Botkin conference an met up with y'all at Wal*Mart :)
Good~times, good~times :D
BIGHUGlittlehugBIGKISSlittlekissBIGHUGBIGHUGlittlehuuuuuug :)

Katie said...

Wow that's neat! And while you all are going to the beach, it's snowing here! Yep, it snowed on Monday! It didn't stick because it had just been raining, but it was coming down thick! Still want you all to come see us :) I mean it, you wait and see! Love you!

Joel said...

That is absolutely awesome Emily about you working with the children! I hope and pray that the Lord will bless you and the children as only He can.
Glad you are feeling better too.
Sounds like y'all have had a busy schedule the last couple weeks lol. Hope you have a great weekend :-)