Tuesday, September 8, 2009

About: School

Although I sit here now blogging,
I really should be working on my school.
My class officially starts today.
It is a "work at your own pace" class.

Intro to Home Discipleship and Evangelism.
(You can get a free copy by going to the CLI website and requesting a free copy :)
I still need to start reading the other book and watch the video.


Quite some time has passed since I've written the above ramblings.
Since then, Anna and I have been working on a beautiful piece we hope to play at Barberville.
Please, don't ask me the name as I don't know :)
If you come and watch us, you can hear it then :D


Laura said...

Dancing or no dancing,
together, we'll be.

There's music afloat!
Kettle Korn!
Friends to be had!
Praying for a bit o' crisp in the air

Hmm...what shall we pack in the picnic basket?

Em, you start the list.
You're really good at that.

{{* *}}

Emily Rachael said...

for our picnic basket you say?
For sure I shall start a list...
even though it's a few months in advance, there will be a list on it's way to you in a short while :)
:D :D
many a thanks for the wonderful days together!
We needs must do it again, yes? :)

BIGHUG,BIGHUG,littlehug, BIGKISS,littlekiss,littlekiss, BIGHUG (ahahaaaa)