Thursday, September 10, 2009

About: What I've Been Up To The Last Hour :D

Can you say, "Poooow wittle B.B.!"? :D
Giving our pathetic little poochie a haircut...
Not done yet, but I thought this y'all might enjoy this pic...
I'll post one when she's done :)


AAAAND... I'm done!A hack-job, yes... but it's a job :D
And a blurry pic...
oh well :)
No more mats..
My second doggie cut ever... o.O

Well, it was good practice with the scissors and a buzzie thing :D


Jean Marie said...

I'm glad...she was beginning to look like a little mop. :) I like it when her hair is short. More like a puppy. She doesn't look very pleased, though. HAh.

Laura said...

A gracious, happy, little pooch
if there ever was one.

Dogs don't suffer
with vanity
to the extent that
humans do...
She'll go on her merrypup way and never think anything about it...except that the floor is now cooler when she naps. :)

I know I've seen her smile.

{{* *}}