Monday, October 19, 2009

About: The Cold mornings in an old house :)

Well folks, it's starting to happen...
"Winter" is on it's way!
*wild applause*

Anyway, living in the old house we do, cold air can get in...
we've had our AC off the past couple days because it's been so lovely.
However; we forget to turn the heat up at night...
leaving the house pretty cold in the morning.

I walked in my room not long after getting up and this is what I found.
(not wrapped up of course, that was my doing)
B.B. was laying on my bed trying to nuzzle her way under the covers.
She's such a little cutie! :) Poor little gal has been freezing this whole time since she's gotten all her hair shaved off! *haha* sorry B.B.

So, there she lay...
quite contentedly for about an hour or so :)

Funny little animal!



Marci said...

We need to thicken up your Florida blood. :) Come on up here for a couple of weeks. I could use the company and help and you could see what cold is really like!!! :) I am teasing you although you are welcome to come and visit anytime. It got down to 28 last night. It is VERY cold in here in the morning. We bank our woodstove at night. It is our only source of heat.

Gabe the fiddler said...

yup...our blood is prdy Florida thin..Mom was tellin me to wear three shirts and a sweater this morn...cmon, its just 50!!! :) my cousin got SNOW the other day in Colorado. huh? i thought it was October. lol

Lauren Brittany said...

awww... B.B. is so cute!

This morning, I was TRYING to wash my sheets, but Molly was curled up on my bed and wouldn't budge, so I waited until she got up. haha ;) What we do for our puppies....

This weather has sure been lovely!

Laura said...

That is a lovely color on the Beebster!
Cute little Ewok of a pup.

As for the cold house...
BB :) sure you have warm, cozy slippers for your feet~
When the feet are warmed, the rest of the body seems to manage the chill a little better.
A mugful of something hot is nice to
carry about in the morning too!
Mmmm Triple Leaf Jasmine Green Tea!

{{* *}}