Saturday, October 10, 2009

About: My Last Day as an 18 Year Old... *eek*

Well, y'all... this is it.
Today is my last day in the "18~year old" club!
How have I spent this momentous day?

Very laboriously! :)
Weeding, raking, arranging...
Yeah, it's been a fuuuuuull day.
But a good one!

19 used to always sound sooo old to me (lol)
Isaac got married at 19... I was 5 at the time.
I remember looking at him and thinking:
"Wow! He's super old! I don't think I'll ever live to be that old!"
Still can't believe it to a certain extent!

Well, this is short and sweet... but I bid y'all adieu!

From a now 18~yr old... ;)


Marci said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!

Thoughts from a Young Man said...

IT'S 12:12AM...

Peter&Hannah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And believe me, you are SOOOOO old!!!! :-D See ya later ol'lady ;-D

Joel said...

Happy Belated Birthday Emily Stone!!!!! :-)
May the Lord fill this year with such joys and blessings that cannot be comprehended by even the sharpest and imaginative mind.

Your friend and Brother in Christ
Joel :-)