Saturday, October 3, 2009

About: A Night to Remember

This past Friday night, Anna, Olivia and I had the privilege of supporting our friend Zach in his pursuit of Mr. Daytona State.

We arrived at 7 p.m. for a reception to talk with the contestants.
I was shocked at Zach's calm when we arrived.
He just kept saying,
"I'm relaxed because I know it really doesn't matter if I win or loose. This is for God's glory. If someone hears the gospel, I've done my job!"
Well put, Zach!

We ,the audience, got to take our seats around 8 o'clock for the beginning of the show...
It went something like this~

The contestants for this title had to answer a few questions about themselves, how they would better student life, and demonstrate some sort of talent.
I was so happy that there were at least 3 Christians in the contest!

Zach performed his original piece "Never Saw This Coming".

(Sorry about the shakyness and the mike stand in front of your face... I guess I was sitting right in front of you :D)

An empty stage.
Before the show started, of course :)

The Program.
I'm sorry to admit this, But I think I was taking these pictures during one of the performances...

I only have one picture from the performances and that one was really blurry.
I'm obviously not a photographer :)

And since I'm obviously not a photographer...
I had to make all the pictures in black and white to make them look better :)
I think I took these without flash...

Here are some of the contestants giving their final speeches.
Sorry that they're out of order.
Aaaand, there are only a few :)

Richard Thripp.
He played the Entertainer and had a sideshow of his photographs.
He's an amazing photographer!
Certificate of Appreciation.

Tad Jennings.
He performed an original piece called Tease Me, I think...
(I can't remember exactly and I tore my program in half before the show even started...
bad habit I'm trying to break...
Runner up for Mr. Daytona State.

Zach Smith (ya know... the one we went to support :)
He performed his above piece entitled, Never Saw This Coming.
This may sound weird...
but during his performance it almost sounded like there were background vocals to me. (?)
Especially on the chorus.
Certificate of Appreciation.

Shawana Brown.
She sang the song, If You Don't Wanna Love Me.
Runner up for Miss Daytona State.

Michelle Underwood.
Improv comedy: Interrogation.
Miss Daytona State.

Jerred Mason.
He recited an original monologue, This is How I Am.
He did an amazing job!
His piece had a strong Christian influence and direction...
If you ever read this someday, Jerred...
Thank you for standing for what you believe in!
Mr. Daytona State.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

You can visit Zach's site *HERE* to read his perspective on the evening.

Thanks for inviting us, Zach!
We had a wonderful time observing everyone's talent!
Everyone did so well!

God was glorified in the God honoring performances!
Many blessings to y'all!


Seasons of Life said...

Wow...thank you for posting about the contest, Emily. We have lots of pictures of the evening, but no video, so this made me feel like I was there. And I must say, what a support everyone was to him...I heard the wahoo's. ;-) Good friends, make for a good evening.

Blessings ~ Mrs. Smith

Emily Rachael said...

I'm happy you enjoyed the post, Mrs. Smith! I'm sorry you weren't able to come!
You would have really enjoyed it!
We tried our best to be supportive :D
I must say, out of all the talent shows I've been to, this one was the most diverse! :)

Thoughts from a Young Man said...

Hey Emily! Thanks for the posting! I hope the audio during the performance was better than the audio on your video :)--I would hate for you to sit through my drowned-out voice :)(because words are what give songs their meaning). Thanks again for the post (I heard about all the issues in getting the video up...much appreciated) I pray God was honored in my witness.


Laura said...

What a night.
Good friends, good evening.
God honored. Light shone.
{{* *}}