Thursday, October 29, 2009

About: A New Addition to My Guitar Family

Meet, *uhhh* my new guitar!
Haven't come up with a name yet, but hopefully I will before Barberville!
And... just a snippet of a picture :)

Been enjoying it's sound.
Though not like my other one, I still enjoy this one immensely!
It's an acoustic/electric...
So happy about that!

Ok, I'm done now and going to bed!


Thoughts from a Young Man said...

Emily...You are SO lucky :D It looks awesome! See ya at Barbar.

~Zach S.

Jeff said...

Sweet! what kind is it?

Lane Burnsed said...

Nice guitar emily :) What brand is it?

*Emily~Rachael* said...

It's a Galveston...
I didn't know this till after I bought it, but the inlays are actually parrots... o.O
Oh well XD
Thought it was neat anyway :)

Emily Elizabeth said...

Oh I like the parrots!!

Laura said...

Acoustic adornment.

Play it girl.

"Sing it with your life, sing with your heart;
Make melody with the words of your mouth.
But mind that you listen, tell it to others.
Hear the chorus of faith,
Live the chorus of faith."
~Michael Card~

{{* *}}

Joseph H. said...

Nice Emily, nice...

Gabe the fiddler said...

COOL. just awsome lookin. makes me not wanna bring mine to Barberville. (lol.. i don't have one!)