Monday, October 5, 2009

About: Minor Adjustments

This past Saturday, we went to some thrift stores with some dear friends of ours!

This is what I found!It's actually a tri~fold screen that I decided to use as a headboard.
I had to turn my bed of course, but I love the results!

It cost me $9.68 to be exact!
Many thanks to Mr. Xander with an X!
He finagled the cashier down a whole $6 for me!

I got the red sheets last week when thrifting with some other dear friends!
Working on bringing in reds to accent :)

Note: this isn't a full~blown redecorating job...
Just minor changes :)

I love decorating :)


Jean Marie said...

It looks really nice, Emily! I like the "headboard" thing a lot. :)
Have fun with the room!
~ Jean MArie

Laura said...

You are simply

Beauty AND function~
...perhaps to hang
a beautifully colored scarf
& a bauble or two.

I am thrilled beyond thrift to see what you have created!

I love that word.
Love sharing it with you.

{{* *}}

Peter&Hannah said...

Ah my dear Emily...Rebekah and I were looking at some stuff today and decided it was "Emily" ;-D
Sigh, I still can't believe you and Anna B. worked "poke'a'dots" into my wedding :-D
I like the "headboard", it is you darlin!

Lauren Brittany said...

Really pretty, Emily! It fits in well with the theme you already have going! If you're thinking of red... Maybe a picture or something similar (with that pretty deep red color that's in your pillow) on the right of your bed for a red accent? Just a thought!

Love you,