Friday, August 28, 2009

About: I Think You Know What :D

♪♫♪Guess who got her liiiiicense?!?♪♫♪



Becca Elizabeth said...

Three Cheers for Em! :D

Jean Marie said...

Congratulations, Emmy!! SO excited for you!! And awesome picture, too! :D Love ya.
~ Jean Marie

Laura said...

Well git in yer car n' drive on up here
to show us northern kindred peasants!
We'll load on up an' you kin drive us somewhere!

I still remember the day I got my license.
Driving is still one of the most satisfying things I do.
Love to drive.
You will too.
Be Safe and make it a habit to ALWAYS back up slowly.

{{* *}}

Emily Rachael said...

I'd LOVE to, Mrs. Lynn! :D
Maybe next time we all get together maybe, hmmm? ;)

Thoughts from a Young Man said...

Ha! Bet it was no sweat...just let me know when you're driving so I can stay clear LOL!!! :D Congrats!

~Zach S.

Emily Rachael said...

Thanks, Zach! I'll let you know for sure :D
I almost didn't pass... i think... o.O
Out of a possible 30 points it takes to fail... I got... *hmm* actually, I don't think I'll tell y'all! :D
Thanks for the congrats!

zach said...

wa-hoooo yay!