Thursday, August 27, 2009

About: Tomorrow Morning!

Tomorrow's a big day for me...
I'd appreciate prayer :)

I'm going to get my license (finally :D) tomorrow.

Pray that I won't fail... o.O
Pray that I won't freak out :D

So... basically, that I'll pass ;)



Thoughts from a Young Man said...

I'll pray for you Emily. Not to make you any more nervous but getting my license was one of the most scariest days of life (but I passed anyway:D) Just stay focused, don't fret, and don't hit any of the cones :)

~Zach S.

Emily Rachael said...

Thanks for your prayers...
and thanks also for making me more nervous! :D
I'll try and steer clear of all obsticals :)

Emily Elizabeth said...

I think I hit a cone and I still passed! But seriously, the cone was at the END of the white line of the parking spot. Where normally, there's no car. So whatever. I've had mine for 8 months and I haven't hit anything, or gotten pulled over, or gotten into any trouble. So I think you'll do fantastical. :D

Have fun with it! You'll be in my prayers.


P.S. Don't forget you park break when "parking on a hill" ;)
Because you know, we have to worry about that a lot around here -.-