Monday, August 24, 2009

About: My Weird Friends... :P



Becca Elizabeth said...

I love this vid!!!!! Makes me laugh so hard! Go Adam and Peter!
Homeschoolers.....we always own!

And for everyone out there....when the yearbook is opened, look at the right hand corner and you will see a pic of me :P lol

Three cheers for homeschoolers!
Cool new blog, Em!

Emily Elizabeth said...

That was funny :) "If you think we're strange, well listen to this... That's.. actually kinda true..." Preach it! :P

Ok, I think I'm getting it now. Your blog title is "As I sit here... thinking" and then all you post titles start with "About:" so it's like... "As I sit here... thinking about:"
Am I right? Haha :D


Emily Rachael said...

You couldn't be right-er :)

Olivia Christine said...

This is awesome! I think it is so funny! Love ya sis!
~Olivia Christine