Tuesday, August 25, 2009

About: Someone's Birthday Today

Thirty-four years ago today, someone very dear to my heart was born.
I would love to wish this special someone a splendid birthday...
I would love to call this person and sing it myself...
In fact, I'd love to fly out and see this person to sing myself...

But I can't.

You see, today is my dearly beloved brother's birthday.
He's in Heaven now... and obviously, I can't fly out to see him anymore. *sigh*

Today was a day of happiness 2 years ago...
Now it's just a sad reminder that our Isaac isn't here anymore to celebrate his special day.

Isaac did so much with his life.
I wish I could tell you every major point in his life.
But right now, I don't feel eloquent speech is coming to my mind.

So... simply put, I wish my brother, Isaac Nathaniel Goodwin, a very happy birthday :)
Even though I don't think birthdays are celebrated in Heaven... o.O

Isaac and I in San Francisco, June 2006.



Jean Marie said...

Happy birthday, Isaac!! I'll bet it's your best yet, eh? Living before the face of God....

Love you, Emmy Rae,
~ Jean Marie

Thoughts from a Young Man said...

Beautiful Emily. Don't be sad--you will see him again and I'm sure it will be such a joyous time worshipping Jesus alongside your brother. Happy Birthday Issac!


Emily Rachael said...

Jean, this is actually Isaac's second birthday in heaven!

Thanks for your encouraging words, Zach! What a blessed assurance for sure!

Thank you both for your sweet comments!