Wednesday, August 26, 2009

About: My Guitar :)

I've been practicing my guitar lately like a madwoman... :)

A Few facts I've learned and things I'm working on~

~I'm hoping to be ready in time for Barberville...
~Working on trying to finish writing a song based off Psalm 18.
~Thinking about learning more chords... :*) I only know 8 right now (self-taught so far)
~I found that I don't think I'll ever be able to play barre chords... my fingers are too small. *ouch*
~I'm looking into getting a capo of my own... borrowing Dad's right now.
~I need more picks... I loose mine like crazy! o.O
~Just enjoying sitting and playing songs I already know and learning new ones.

Not that you needed to know any of that... Just what I was thinking as I sat down to blog :D



Seasons of Life said...

Zach has been playing a lot this week, too. He started back on Wed. night praise team at church a couple weeks ago, since he does not have a Wed. night class now and is playing this Sunday morning (to fill in). He is also girding up for a talent show audition at college - although he probably wouldn't post that. :-) I personally love the sound of an acoustic guitar (alone or with other instruments)...just lovely. Have fun playing and learning...

Mrs. Smith @-->---

Thoughts from a Young Man said...

Hey Madwoman (lol), good luck with your gig in Barberville and the song you're writing (the Psalms are beautiful, especially when put to music). Learn more chords (all I do at this point is fool around with my finger positions on the neck until I find a sound I like--I don't even know the names of half the chords I play :) ) You WILL be able to play barre chords--it just takes some time, pain and endurance to master :). Capos are the guitarist's version of the gamer's cheatcodes--it makes everything so much easier! I love both my reg. and cut capo! As far as picks, I have the same problem (I stick like a dozen in my wallet alone)--just buy a five gallon barrel full and I'll pay you for half lol :). Not that you needed to know all of this blabber :0 Anyway, don't give up.

~Zach S.

Emily Rachael said...

Mrs. Smith,
Thank you for your encouragement! It's always so nice to have kind comments :D
I have one question...
is @-->--- supposed to be a rose? Cause even if it's not... it suuure looks like it :D

I don't know for sure yet or not if we're scheduled for Barberville... but I'm really hoping and praying we are :D I talked to Mr. Waller (the man who organizes the festival) and he said he's pretty sure he'll be able to schedule everyone.

I've been stuck on the first verse and beginning of the chorus for quite a while now of the song I'm working on... slow goes it :D

I actually just learned how to play a new chord today... I believe it's called Gsus...? Similar to the D chord... I dont' remember :D

Loooove capos :)
Which one is a cut capo and which one is regular? o.O See, this is how new I am :D

I think I'm to the point that I'd seriously take you up on the 5 gallon bucket of picks... Do you know where to find any of those? :D (or if there are any in existence at all?) Actually, show me the $$ first... then I'll consider it! XD jk


Thoughts from a Young Man said...

Hey Mom said the pic art is a rose. As far as the cut capo and the reg, the reg capos the entire neck; the cut only capos the A, D, and G strings at the 2nd fret creating Esus (suspended) chords. I was just joking about the picks unfortunately. Some days I have more than enough and other days I'm ripping my room apart and checking all my pant pockets for a single pick :D

~Zach S.

Emily Rachael said...

I'm looking at pics of a cut capo right now... never knew there was such a thing! :D Looks like an interesting device... I might have to look into getting one! :)
Know what you're saying about the picks... again :D